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Import Coordinator in Kennesaw, GA at CoWorx Staffing Services

Date Posted: 1/11/2019

Job Snapshot

Job Description

The Import Coordinator responsibilities include strategizing, supervising and managing the working and undertaking of purchasers, buying executives and other associates who indulge in purchasing commodities and employment services as well. This person lies under the group of buying administrators. This person studies and examines the market trade status and transport systems in order to evaluate the accessibility of necessary current and future constituents.

An Import Coordinator organizes and takes care of the management of redundant constituents and oversees the sectional buying monetary funds of the organization. This person designs and enforces buying and documented administrational operating instructions, systems and standard methods. This person also finds out the sellers of constituents, instruments and provisions and questions the same in order to make sure that the commodities are accessible and that the conditions and statements of merchandising are suitable.

An Import Coordinator has the following mentioned key responsibilities and duties:

•         Indulging in the configuration and creation of particularities for equipment, business commodities, secondary and replacement constituents

•         Settling merchandiser and party resentments and grudges and asserting and demanding their rights that have been opposed by the providers

•         Supervising and organizing the undertakings and workings of associates and executives who remain busy with purchasing, merchandising and administering constituents, equipment and provisions

•         Questioning and recruiting associates and executives of the organization and administering the preparation and education of work personnel

•         Formulating, executing and running to buy requests and various other orders for clearance in order to facilitate the supply of provisions and machinery

•         Formulating and organizing reports in the organization with respect to merchandise and trade conditions and marketing prices

•         Revising to buy request claims and documented agreements in order to make them comply with the standard plans and programs of the organization

•         Revising, assessing and favoring the enforcement of particularities in the organization in order to supply and present bidding statements

•         Standing in lieu of the organization, supporting the same in order to talk over the documented agreements and preparing plans and programs with the providers for the benefit of the same

•         Supervising and directing buying schemes while being online, and upholding documented reports of commodities requested and obtained

•         Formulating bid awards that need the support and recommendation of the committee

•         Assessing, executing and commercializing necessary papers for conducting different audits on specific schemes and receiving custom agreements and bills that need to be included in the accounts of trade goods and products

•         Supervising and directing the transportation of merchandises and shipping consignments and running documented agreements of the clients for processing

•         Maintaining a sharp eye on the receivables and making sure that all the undertakings and workings are executed within the given time

•         Helping the administrators of the organization to settle matters with respect to money and cash dealings

•         Perfecting their client services and upholding the conditional reports of the cargo consignments

•         Upholding their familiarity with specialized matters for business agents and assisting different sections of the organization with the clearance of commodities and products from the customs

•         Upholding and making aware of the various production and approval methods and procedures of the customs and assessing self-analysis courses and informing the organization about it

•         Running and enforcing the needed conveyance plans and programs in the organization and making sure that all the undertakings and workings are executed as per the needs of the clients and prioviders

•         Working with the 'registering' and 'stock list programming and strategizing' unit of the organization and overseeing the timely and proper transportation and conveyance of business commodities and products

•         Administering the flow of merchandises and consignments and making sure that the import commodities and business products are transported properly and approved by the customs after getting processed

•         Making sure that the new business commodities and goods reach on time

•         Working and setting-up with the commodity configuration, advancement and marketing unit of the organization in order to determine the conveyance prices of the goods and assessing the choice of business goods and commodities

•         Assessing various ways and means of import transportations and facilitating the processing of invoices for providing the costs

•         Observing the movement of test commodities and goods and assessing photo experiments on a daily basis

•         Formulating and running import documents in order to make them get processed and administering cargo consignments

•         Taking care of all other activities that fall under the jurisdiction of an Import Coordinator


CoWorx Staffing is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Job Requirements

The minimum qualification required for an Import Coordinator is a bachelor's degree in business management, logistics, supply chain or a similar field. The candidate should be well aware of rules and standard policies that are in line with different home and global protocols. An Import Coordinator should be able to comprehend local and global economy and must have strong interaction and fundamental computer skills. This person must be able to manage clients well and interact with other units of the organization.